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The club took its first steps in 2005 when a few enthusiastic students created a football team called FC Liikunta. You can read more about the history of FC Liikunta here. Liikunnan Riemu was founded on the basis of FC Liikunta in 2011. The club started expanding with new sports and new teams. In a short period of time Riemu has become the biggest and the most successful student sports clubs in Finland. Riemu has somewhere around 300 members, most of whom study in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

The name of the club, Liikunnan Riemu, can be roughly translated as ”Joy of Sport”. It has a double-meaning because it also refers to the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences ( nicknamed ”Sport” by its students ). The name presents well the idea of the club. We want to enjoy sports and give the students the possibility to do what they want in the field of sports. Riemu has multiple sport sections and we also organize different kinds of events for our members like football and floorball tournaments, golf courses and expert lectures. Some of the events are open for all the students of the University of Jyväskylä.


Riemu has teams in fifteen different sports. The most successful has been the Futsal team which managed to advance from 3rd Division to the national Futsal League just in four years. In 2014, in its premier season, the team finished sixth in the National League. Futsal team has also a second team in the regional 2nd division. The Ice hockey team (nicknamed the Dogs) is a multiple Finnish Student Champion. The team plays in a semi-professional league called Suomi-Sarja) which is the 3rd highest league in Finland. Nowadays there is also an amateur ice hockey team which plays in regional series.  In football Riemu is the reigning Finnish Student Champion. The Football team has represented Finland in the European Student Championships in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Riemu also has a Table tennis team called “The Harrys”, a water polo team and an ice cross team. For women there are also several teams available in the club. Women’s futsal team advanced to Women’s Futsal League in 2017 and they have also a 2nd team. The other sports represented in women’s side are basketball (2nd division), volleyball, dancing, team gymnastics, figure skating and floorball.

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Club officials

Chairman: Heli Perkiö, +358445294203,

Club memberships: Tommi Tuikkanen, +358 40 7645546,

Marketing and sponsorships: Aleksi Lampi, +358443459783 & Miska Autio, +358505252375 & Selim Mengüs, +358407211465,

Events: Liina-Lotta Hiltunen, +358400295085 & Anni Hannu, +358443660811 & Tanja Mäntylä, +358401823211,

Club merchandise: Vilma Kauranen, +358443451505,

Valmentajakahvit – expert lectures: Pauliina Muraja, +358 40 4135282,


Campuksen Koonto (dancing): Tanja Mäntylä, +358401823211,

Futsal: Olli Annala, +358 50 3576366

Futsal W: Henna Tynjälä, +358407562995, & Neea Salo, +358408491213,

Ice Hockey: Henri Tikkanen, +358 40 8270446

Figure Skating: Viola Asunmaa, +358504062231,

Team Gymnastics: Oona Mikala, +358 40 5694803

Basketball W: Karla Karasti, +358 40 0399387

Basketball:  Mikael Mengüs, +358 40 0452037

Volleyball W: Linda Huhtala, +358 40 4161821

Volleyball: Jani Laaksonen, +358 40 549 4945

Table Tennis: Henri Pelkonen, +358 40 537 1449

Ice Cross: Jere Lehto, +358 50 590 9113

Football: Jani Laaksonen, +358 40 549 4945

Baseball: Teemu Kenkkilä, +358 40 846 3505

Floorball: Samuli “Bull” Jurvelin, +358 44 282 8746

Floorball W: Fanny Harjula, +358442979486,

Water polo: Oula Heikkilä, +358 40 771 7954